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Our Big Announcement - Merging With The Oxford Club

Friday, January 3, 2014 | Chris Rowe

| 25 votes

It was way back in 2004 when Dylan and I founded this firm and started publishing The Tycoon Report. 

And although many of you reading it today haven't been following us for the full 9.5 years, I assign a super high level of importance to our entire readership. 

As Dylan always used to say, “if you have something important to say -- to important people -- then start at the end.”


It's official.  The deal is signed.  IFII and The Tycoon Report are now a part of The Oxford Club.  All Tycoon Report articles are archived at the Investment U website and The Tycoon Report will become Investment U on February 1st. 

What does this mean for you? 

What are the big benefits to your life?

For one thing, it means that I'm now able to introduce…

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Chris Rowe | Thursday, January 2, 2014

| 3 votes

Dear Reader, On January 6, 2014, I’d like to send you something that I’ve never sent you before. This has nothing to do with either The Tycoon Report, the Institute for Individual Investors, or its parent company, Agora Inc. This is my own project.  In fact, it’s something that I’ve been providing to my family and close friends for years.  After much thought, I’ve decided to offer it to you: At the start of each quarter, I write up my thoughts on the markets. …
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Costas Bocelli | Wednesday, January 1, 2014

| 3 votes

Happy New Year! It’s indeed a new year, but the market landscape should remain the same... at least for a while longer. And that, my friend, would be great news for individual investors, considering the fact that 2013 was not only a banner year for the stock market, but also that momentum remains strongly bullish. The S&P 500 made its 44th all-time record close of the year on the very last trading day this past Tuesday.  And the 29.6% annual gain (not including dividends) was not…
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Chris Rowe | Tuesday, December 31, 2013

| 27 votes

Happy New Year!  Please be sure to open tomorrow's Tycoon Report, where I will announce big changes and new features for you in 2014! Here's a quick heads up to encourage you to stay sober -- at least in terms of the stock market. This market is like a lava lamp that has tilted too far to one side.  The "liquid" is almost completely on that one side.  The more liquid that fills up the right side, the more that must then spill back to the left. This short article, about…
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Chris Rowe | Monday, December 30, 2013

| 8 votes

Hey Guys, Chris Rowe here. Today I want to tell you about a book that made me feel really good inside. The media has created a perception that things around the world are just terrible, but the opposing facts in this book are truly a breath of fresh air.  It was given to me as a Christmas gift by a friend of mine, Alexander Green, who's a national investment expert and bestselling author.  Oh yeah, and he's the author of the book!  I know what you're thinking.  This is not…
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Chris Rowe | Wednesday, December 25, 2013

| 15 votes

The Tycoon/IFII family hopes that you have been enjoying this holiday season as much as we have!  If you haven't been thoroughly enjoying yourself, it's not too late!  You still have one more week! We will have a few big announcements at the turn of the year that will open up many new doors for you.  I feel the same way I felt last week when wrapping my 2 kids' presents.  I just wanted to spring the presents on them every day until now, but I had to hold back for a week. …
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Costas Bocelli | Thursday, December 19, 2013

| 7 votes

Well, kudos to the Fed for finally ripping the Band-Aid off. In their final policy statement of the year, the FOMC announced that it will taper the size of their monthly asset purchases from $85 billion a month down to $75 billion starting in January.  The reduction will be evenly split -- $5 billion each -- between longer-term treasuries and mortgage backed securities. The stimulus program which has been running since September of 2012 has added to the Fed’s balance sheet at a pace of…
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Martin Tillier | Wednesday, December 18, 2013

| 13 votes

Chances are, by the time you read this we will know the answer to the much debated question ”Will the Fed start tapering this month?”, so giving any prediction is just setting up for a 50% chance of my already being wrong when you do. I have a view (if you must know, I don’t think they will), but I won’t be positioning myself based on it. It really could go either way and, given the choice, I prefer to trade on things that have a better chance of happening than 50/50. For…
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Costas Bocelli | Thursday, December 12, 2013

| 11 votes

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Do you remember Wimpy from the old Popeye cartoons?  If you do, then you know that’s exactly how he racked up all those free lunches -- with countless broken promises to actually pay for his meals. Wimpy also must have been part of the congressional negotiating process that was tasked with coming up with a longer-term budget agreement to replace the temporary spending bill that is set to expire on January 15. In a…
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Martin Tillier | Wednesday, December 11, 2013

| 6 votes

In yesterday's article, Chris Rowe pointed out that adviser sentiment is so bullish that a correction in US stocks is looking increasingly likely. I hate to pile on the doom and gloom, but I am inclined to agree. Dealing room experience has taught me that how the market reacts to news tells a story, and the at best muted reaction to news of a bipartisan US budget deal this morning is an example. If traders were still raging bulls, even the news of a limited deal such as this that had been leaked…
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