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From the Editor: Politics and Your Money

Monday, June 9, 2008 | Ben Schott

A quick note today before we get into the Insider Trades wrap-up and this week’s calendar of economic announcements.

Last week had its share of drama -- in the markets, on the political stage, and yes, even here in The Tycoon Report.

Any of you who read the article in Thursday’s issue will understand why, today, I’d like to apologize as Editor In Chief of this newsletter for a considerable lapse in judgment.

I’m not apologizing because the writer’s political viewpoint angered many of you.  We’re not in the censorship business, and while his political opinions don’t represent those of our entire team, he has every right to them.

I’m also not apologizing because the article in question was offensive to many people.  To be blunt, it’s not the first time we’ve offended somebody, and it certainly won’t be the last.  We try not to pull punches here, and when you speak to as many individuals as we do on a daily basis, a certain number of them will inevitably be offended by something.

I AM apologizing because I let an article run that did not contribute in any meaningful way to our promise to Tycoon Report readers:  to help you become better investors.

As for whether or not we at The Tycoon Report should or should not/ will or will not continue to write about politics now and again:

As you know, we don’t publish this newsletter for profit.  We do it to help level the playing field between individual investors and the Wall Street establishment.

Several readers last week suggested in website comments that we ought to “stick with what we know” (i.e. investing), and skip the politics.

I can’t promise that we’ll do that.  In fact, I CAN promise you that the exact opposite will be true, for one very important reason ...

Politics, economic policy, our leaders in government, they all can have a very significant impact on our money in general, and our investments in particular.

The key, especially in such an emotionally charged political climate as the one we’re in right now, is to focus on policy ... not on individuals, and not on liberal vs. conservative dogma.

So again, I will promise you that when our writers tackle politics going forward, the debate will revolve around the policies put forth and how they will affect your investments today and in the years ahead.

Thank you for reading, and on behalf of all our writers, thank you for leaving your feedback on every article ... complimentary and critical alike.

To your continued success,
Ben Schott
Contributing Editor
The Tycoon Report
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