Institute for Individual Investors An IFII Special Report

In addition to our million-dollar investing video library we often get requests from our customers to cover special topics. The result: Institute for Individual Investors Bonus Reports where we hire the best educators to bring you everything you need to know about a variety of niche investing topics:

Simple Ways to Lower Your Risk
and Boost Your Returns

Ease Your Options Fears and Get Ahead of the Curve with this Options Basics --Helping you Understand Options Guide

Safe & Sound MoneyIn today's market, if you're not using Options, you're trading with one hand tied behind your back.  Now you can discover what many successful investors already know: Options are a great for meeting any investing goal with a minimum of capital and risk, and can help you safe-guard your portfolio as you build wealth for retirement.

There are many reasons for learning to trade options, just a few ways they can impact portfolios when you learn how to…

  • Generate monthly income
  • Trade with just a few hundred dollars
  • Potential returns can be much higher than with stocks
  • Always limit your risk to next to nothing
  • Profit in any market -- Bull, Bear or Sideways
  • Avoid the #1 mistake that beginners make
  • The 1 part of an Options trade that you absolutely MUST understand
  • Use Options as "insurance" on your portfolio
  • Give yourself extra time for trades to work out
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