Institute for Individual Investors An IFII Special Report

In addition to our million-dollar investing video library we often get requests from our customers to cover special topics. The result: Institute for Individual Investors Bonus Reports where we hire the best educators to bring you everything you need to know about a variety of niche investing topics:

Safe and Sound Money –
How to Get Started with Tax-free Municipal Bonds

Generate Income with Tax-Free Municipal Bonds

Safe & Sound MoneyImagine if that company whose stock you own was legally permitted to collect taxes just to pay you your dividends. What sounds like a fantasy is a reality for individual investors who purchase Municipal bonds, or “Munis.”  If you're an individual investor, there's a lot to love about Munis. They are highly liquid, offer excellent diversification, and are great for growing your wealth.

So that you can walk away with a maximum profit at a minimum or no risk, in Safe and Sound Money – How to Get Started with Tax-Free Municipal Bonds, the benefits of holding Munis, as well as some of their risks are explored.  In this comprehensive IFII Special Report you’ll learn how…

  • Income you earn is exempt from Federal taxes and often from State and Local tax as well
  • Your capital is protected. Historically, 99% of Munis pay their interest and principal as promised
  • You can easily find Munis that are fully insured
  • 3 Muni pitfalls every investor needs to watch out for
  • A simple trick for increasing your monthly Muni income
  • Why you should avoid Bond Mutual Funds
  • How to take the mystery out of the Equivalent Taxable Yield (ETY)
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