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In addition to our million-dollar investing video library we often get requests from our customers to cover special topics. The result: Institute for Individual Investors Bonus Reports where we hire the best educators to bring you everything you need to know about a variety of niche investing topics:

Frontier Markets –
Emerging Gains for the Global Investor

New Report Shows Why Frontier Markets Are
“Low Hanging Fruit” For Your Portfolio

Frontier MarketsIn the coming decade, investors will find the bulk of their gains in markets with the highest potential for growth. That rules out Western Markets – They’ve already seen their fattest returns.

The greatest “frontiers” for gains could be in Africa, Asia and Latin America. These markets are in the early stages of their growth and are ideal for those who are playing for the long term, looking for high returns, and need to diversify their portfolio.

This report shows you the many advantages, as well as the risks, of getting in to Frontier Markets. In the IFII Special Report, Frontier Markets you'll learn …

  • Which markets are classified as Frontier Markets – and the best way to access them
  • 9 reasons the savviest investors are excited about Frontier Markets
  • 4 pitfalls to avoid when investing in Frontier Markets
  • Which Frontier fund has outperformed all others in 2012
  • Why several Frontier Markets could approximate the GDP growth rate of China
  • The world's 10 fastest-growing economies
  • What several well-respected analysts and investors are saying about Africa
  • 3 things you'll want to consult an expert about before investing in Frontier Markets
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