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Who We Are

We teach regular people - just like you - how to invest like Wall Street professionals. Our mission is to publish the highest quality educational material in order to help you prepare for retirement without becoming a victim to the "Wall Street game" -- the game where they win, and you lose. The best way to learn more about us to read our Founding Principles and our Editor biographies below:


1. Our Customers

I think it was Frank Sinatra who once said, 'If you think customers are not important try doing business without them for a while.'

Although he was referring to another singer who didn't like to sign autographs, he could have been talking about any customer in any business.

In our offices here in Delray Beach we keep that quote posted on the wall just to remind us how fortunate to have you as part of our family.

2. No Hidden Agendas

Please forgive the populist tone here, but the sheer audacity of what some brokerages pawned off as "research" in the 90's was stunning. As a result, the New York State Attorney General forced many of them to fund separate independent stock research firms.

We here at Tycoon Publishing have no interest in the "conflict of interest" business (we've seen what it does to people.) We do what we do because we enjoy it and we're good at it. Therefore know that we will never accept any payment, in any form, to recommend the shares of any company. Period.

Our goal is to not only provide you with our unbiased opinions, but to also bring you behind the scenes and show you exactly how we form those opinions. Knowledge is your best defense in the investing battlefield.

3. Information You Can Understand

In addition to the research and educational courses we offer, we try to present our facts in a way that will help you understand the rationale behind our thinking.

It is our hope that during the course of our relationship you will gain a more sophisticated framework for making investment decisions both as an investor and as a businessperson. We believe that the more educated you become, the more likely it is that you will appreciate and recommend our work.

4. We Will Always Admit Our Mistakes

Only fools never admit and learn from their mistakes. Good investors are not born they're forged. It's that simple.

5. Real Wall Street Experience

Everybody we hire to teach and inform you will actually have real investment experience.

Need I say more? Well, I will. Why?

Because many of our "competitors" aren't real investors - they're marketers and journalists pretending to have the real world experience that separates the men from the boys.

(See below for our bio's).


chris Christopher Rowe
Creator, Technical Analysis Millionaire
Creator, Internal Strength System
Co-creator, Options GPS

An internationally respected authority on options, 9-year Wall Street veteran, and co-founder of Institute for Individual Investors in 2004, Chris Rowe spun out profitable trades for his Trend Rider members for 7 years, ending with his retirement in 2012.

While most professionals consider an options trader who is right on 3 of 10 trades to be very good, Chris was right on the majority of his trades!

Now, through his free weekly Tycoon Report articles, Chris Rowe helps hundreds of thousands of investors across the globe by extolling the virtues of taking a business-like approach to both stock and option trading.

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costas Costas Bocelli
Creator, Channel Trading Secrets
Options Master, Options GPS
Chief Investment Officer, Profit Skimmer

Costas began his trading career in 1998, hired by Gateway Partners, an Equity Options Trading Specialist Unit, on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX). During his brief tenure, Costas gained valuable experience navigating the financial meltdown that saw the downfall of hedge fund, Long Term Capital and the Russian Currency Crisis, trading volatility levels that reached unprecedented levels.

Costas became a Senior Equity Options Market Maker for the firm, eventually leaving to join a proprietary trading desk, making markets for large customer and institutional orders.

Costas has over 7 years of experience making options markets and has trained and educated several junior traders on option theory, risk analysis, and strategy.

He is looking forward to helping the self-directed investor become successful through the utilization and understanding of how options can play an important roll in achieving their financial objectives.

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marc Marc Lichtenfeld
Creator, Quantum Profits
Contributing Editor, The Tycoon Report

Marc Lichtenfeld, Senior Analyst at Investment U, began his investing career at the trading desk of prestigious Carlin Equities in San Francisco, CA, where each day he executed dozens of trades for a varied and demanding base of clients.

During his tenure at Carlin, Marc outperformed both the S&P 500 and the S&P Healthcare Index by a wide margin.

But he really hit his stride at Avalon Research Group, where as Senior Analyst his buy recommendations advanced a full 17.8% versus the S&P 500's 5.9%. When Marc wasn't outpacing the S&P or performing his myriad other duties at Avalon, he found time to create, staff and manage their Technical Research Products division, and to develop another of his many passions -- writing.

Marc looks at the market through the skeptical eyes of a born journalist. As a columnist for The Street he has broken several stories on companies in the biotech sector, winning the admiration of readers and the grudging respect of "insiders." Marc has published his work in the online version of The Wall Street Journal and The Street, and he has been featured on NPR's popular "The Story."

Marc's gift for seeing what others overlook has made him a champion contrarian investor. His "against the grain" recommendations (including shorts) gained 12.6% annualized versus the S&P 500's gains of only 0.5%.

We are pleased and proud to be able to add Marc Lichtenfeld's contributions to the Tycoon Report.

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martin Martin Tillier
Contributing Editor, The Tycoon Report

Martin Tillier has a wealth of experience in Foreign Exchange. He started working for a major interbank Forex broker in London in the 1980’s, rapidly acquiring more responsibility and the authority to run larger positions. After several years, he was asked to go to Tokyo to develop the cable (USD/GBP) desk there.  He returned to London at a time of turmoil in European currency markets and helped build the company’s Sterling Mark (GBP/DEM) desk into the world’s most profitable, in the years leading up to the Euro. Highlights included a 36 hour unbroken stint at the desk during black Wednesday, when the Pound was forced out of the European Monetary System.

Because of his success in London and his ability to teach new recruits the complex world of Forex trading, Martin was asked to establish Spot FX desks in new markets for the company, first in Moscow, Russia, then in Warsaw, Poland.

He left the market in 2002 and moved to the US, following the loss of a family member in the tragic events of September 11th 2001. He spent some time out of the markets, starting and running a successful wine store, but the lure of the financial world was still strong, leading to him selling that business and accepting a position as a financial advisor with a major firm.

The frustration he felt while there is what led him to his current position as a writer and educator on markets, particularly Foreign Exchange. The markets were more accessible than ever, but it seemed Wall Street was still doing fine. It was obvious that the retail trader and investor were at a disadvantage, and education could close that gap.

Martin now writes regularly for and other financial sites, trades Forex and other markets successfully and, in his spare time, plays golf badly.

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