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Marc Lichtenfeld

Creator, Quantum Profits
Contributing Editor, The Tycoon Report

Marc Lichtenfeld, Senior Analyst at Investment U, began his investing career at the trading desk of prestigious Carlin Equities in San Francisco, CA, where each day he executed dozens of trades for a varied and demanding base of clients.

During his tenure at Carlin, Marc outperformed both the S&P 500 and the S&P Healthcare Index by a wide margin.

But he really hit his stride at Avalon Research Group, where as Senior Analyst his buy recommendations advanced a full 17.8% versus the S&P 500's 5.9%. When Marc wasn't outpacing the S&P or performing his myriad other duties at Avalon, he found time to create, staff and manage their Technical Research Products division, and to develop another of his many passions -- writing.

Marc looks at the market through the skeptical eyes of a born journalist. As a columnist for The Street he has broken several stories on companies in the biotech sector, winning the admiration of readers and the grudging respect of "insiders." Marc has published his work in the online version of The Wall Street Journal and The Street, and he has been featured on NPR's popular "The Story."

Marc's gift for seeing what others overlook has made him a champion contrarian investor. His "against the grain" recommendations (including shorts) gained 12.6% annualized versus the S&P 500's gains of only 0.5%.

We are pleased and proud to be able to add Marc Lichtenfeld's contributions to the Tycoon Report.

Marc Lichtenfeld’s Tycoon Report Articles

  • Are Goldman Sachs and Facebook Poised for a Rebound?
    Marc Lichtenfeld | June 11, 2012

    | 4 votes

    As you may have heard, golfer Tiger Woods recently won his second tournament in three months, after having not won an event since before his personal life went over a cliff in 2009. We’ll have to see if the old Tiger is back, but regardless, it’s a strong comeback for an athlete and a man who seemed completely lost just…
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  • Bears Make Headlines, Bulls Make Money
    Marc Lichtenfeld | June 4, 2012

    | 11 votes

    My wife and I have very different opinions as to what makes a nice vacation.  Her ideal getaway is a hike through the woods, winding up at a nice spot to pitch a tent, cooking dinner over an open fire and hunkering down in our sleeping bags for the night. I, on the other hand, prefer to sit by the…
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  • When to Avoid Risk, and When to Embrace It
    Marc Lichtenfeld | May 21, 2012

    | 23 votes

    My ten year old has always wanted to make money.  Whether it’s a lemonade stand or the stock market, he is focused on business.  And to his credit, he’s not trying to make spending money for the latest Wii game or other frivolous purchases.  He’s got his sights set on college and starting a business someday. The kid made a…
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  • Trade like Spock
    Marc Lichtenfeld | May 14, 2012

    | 20 votes

    I was never really a Trekkie.  Just because I had the Star Trek action figures, the Enterprise that went with the action figures, a phaser, a communicator and a tricorder doesn’t make me a Trekkie.  It’s not like I wore Spock ears or anything (I really didn’t). I think Mr. Spock missed his calling.  While he may have been an…
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  • 2 High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Avoid
    Marc Lichtenfeld | May 7, 2012

    | 20 votes

    Dividend investors are enamored with yield.  Obviously, they want to get paid as much as they can.  It’s why stocks like Annaly Capital Management (NYSE: NLY) and its 13.5% yield are so popular. But what many investors ignore in their search for yield is safety.  What good is a high yield if the dividend is cut in the near future? …
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  • How I Predict Earnings Warnings
    Marc Lichtenfeld | April 30, 2012

    | 19 votes

    Someone in my office recently called me a finance geek.  I was actually a little bit insulted.  But then, as I started to write this column, I realized she spoke the truth. You see, I enjoy looking over financial statements and seeing how the numbers interact with each other.  I like to look for clues about what the future might…
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  • 3 Ways to Eliminate Trading Emotions
    Marc Lichtenfeld | April 23, 2012

    | 17 votes

    Things were better when I was a kid.  I hate to be that guy who says those kinds of things, but it’s true.  I bet you’ll agree with me. When I was a kid and played Little League or basketball, if you won the championship you got a trophy.  If you didn’t win the title, you got nothing -- except…
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  • How I Made 103% in 3 Weeks
    Marc Lichtenfeld | April 16, 2012

    | 8 votes

    A few weeks ago, after a soccer game that didn’t work out the way we wanted, my seven year old daughter told me “It’s OK if you lose, because you learn something.”  I agreed that you learn from your losses.  But I pointed out that you can learn from your wins too.  And it’s more fun. Call me old school,…
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  • Past Performance is No Guarantee, But...
    Marc Lichtenfeld | April 9, 2012

    | 9 votes

    I’ve been writing a lot about systems and stock screens over the past few weeks.  Although I’m confident in the methodology that I employ personally, I love hearing about systems that others use (feel free to leave details in the comments section). While I might not use P/E ratios or Bollinger Bands, many people are able to figure out a…
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  • My Favorite Trading Pattern Revealed
    Marc Lichtenfeld | April 2, 2012

    | 13 votes

    My heart was pounding so hard, I was sure the other 10,000 people around me could hear it.  It was not an exaggeration to say that I’d been waiting for this moment for thirty years. The stage manager from HBO gave me the cue.  The bell rang.  I took a deep breath.  “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the XL Center,…
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